Team management & collaboration

Transifex brings product managers, developers, marketers, and translators together. Work as a team to achieve great results.



Organize people into teams

Form teams of collaborators who work together to manage and translate your projects. Each team can be assigned one or more projects – useful when working with several translation agencies or if you have related content you want translated by the same translators. Teams can be made of professional, in-house, or community translators.


Roles & permissions

Divide responsibilities by assigning collaborators one of the six roles in Transifex. Make sure each collaborator only has access to the content and information that’s most important to them.

Organization Administrator

Admins have access to all features, and manage every part of your organization’s account.

Project Maintainer

Maintainers oversee all aspects of a project, from content upload/download to project settings.

Team Manager

Team managers decide who’s on a team. They invite collaborators, assign roles, and more.

Language Coordinator

Coordinators lead the translation effort for each language in a project, ensuring it’s done on time.


Reviewers check translations to make sure they meet quality standards and are error free.


Translators are the heart of your localization efforts, adapting your content to other languages.


Comments & screenshots

Talk directly to translators and answer questions via comments on a string level. Attach screenshots to comments for extra context and clarity, or @mention a user to bring them into the thread.

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Discussions & announcements

Have important project-related information you need to tell your team? Or want to talk about how a phrase should be translated? Start discussions or send announcements directly in Transifex.

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